Fashion and commerce portfolio

milan advertising commerce photographer Laras Brand campaign, blue and black, five beauty brazilian models
milan fashion photographer Cardinalno Savasmilano Brand campaign, vintage look in sunset light fur
Chiara Scelsi first modeltest by Alex Kipenko, black and white, portrait
black and white fashion model sexy portrait for Wonderwall
Kipenko creates blonde model test at Milan, bw, brutal style ripped holey white jeans chic fashion photographer
Kipenko editorial for Splendor magazine, Vagueness project, provocative vintage fashion look style
Vagueness project by Kipenkocom, editorial for Splendor magazine, provocative vintage fashion milan independent
Fashion Photographer Kipenko shoot Vagueness editorial for Splendor magazine project, vintage old fashion look
nextmodels model test by Kipenkocom fashion, successful model start
Kipenko photographer for VOLZA furs ski, shooting Milan for fur suit gloabal campaign project
Best commercial photographer for luxury global market fur ski suit, located Milan, Italy
Y-3 brand campaign by Kipenkocom milan photographer like man in blue cloudy sky walking
LARAS brand Venice used viral street style blog fashion content campaign by Alex Kipenko, Italy fashion and commerce photographer
LARAS brand produce steetstyle walking model content for succesful fashion sales. by Kipenkocom, look like cosy golden dress
Chiara Scelsi first modeltest by Alex Kipenko
Chiara Scelsi first modeltest by Alex Kipenko
Milan fashion photography project Redness for London Frukmagazine editorial print, new layered dimensional of agressive fashion sample
Kipenko produces fashion blog content for Kate Mass succesful multimedia campaign mixed in video and print, blackandwhite, bw
Who shoot modeltests for leading MPmanagement agency, look in black and white, success of models
Holland editorial story styled by Christina Proud by Alex Kipenko
Malcom at Wonderwall by Alex Kipenko
Wonderwall male beauty model test at Photo7it by Kipenkocom
LARAS Brand testimonial Deniele Carettoni respectable businessman in a suit on the shore of Venice, the dream of every woman gold dress
Kipenko photographer shoot VOLZA furs ski suit, Milan fashion campaign commerce for increasing sales
Alex Kipenko and Christina Germanskaya in futuristic editorial
Alex Kipenko and Christina Germanskaya in futuristic editorial
Alex Kipenko shoots seasonal campaign for Aslarasbrand passion in black and white
LARAS Brand genuine white dress promo campaign shoot by Kipenkocom at Milan
New beetle in Milan winter street image for Cardinalno Savasmilano commercial, in vintage Italian styled campaign by fashion photographer Alex Kipenko crazy blue shoes fur
New beetle in Milan winter street image for Cardinalno Savasmilano commercial, sunset colors vintage, Italian styled campaign Kipenkocom, emotional fashion photo public telephone
Crazy sexy Red dress gives powered by beauty shaped five models Kipenko for Laras Brand campaign
Number #15 fashion concept store by Kipenko shoot smoking dark model in Car used high iso long shutter exposure lighting color
Erika Durando, fashion stylist of Victoria Secret crew, lookbook 2016 Kipenkocom, Milan
Erika Durando, designer of Victoria Secret, own fashion brand at Milan, Italy
Photo7it art director Alex Kipenko fashion succesful editorial project Redness for London magazine photographer print, agressive fashion story
Agressive red color in fashion used by Alex Kipenko art direction editorial post liked by London editors
Agressive red color in fashion used by Kipenkocom editorial project digital effect, has woman modern vintage
Lunch Bag Matt - by Moreca Atelier campaign shoot by Alex Kipenko, how to shooting at sunrise give rose colors and incredible cool
image Italy winter moods editorial blue cofee combined ideal, fashion man capuccino color mulatto coat model look
Images sequence for magazine editorial capuccino coat combination look at mulatto male model
Cardinalno Milan Winter fashion campaign for fashion blog promotion by Kipenko in natural sunset lighting.
Matteo Aicardi by Alex Kipenko
Ford Models, based in New York City order model test portraits at Milano by Kipenko fashion photographer, beauty gray eyes
Matteo Aicardi by Alex Kipenko
Erika Durando lookbook knited sexy fashion suit designer
Korean model at Milan shooting for Volza mixed Fur and knited 1970 style on orange background
New Fashion trend are purple soft sheared fur coats used in the Korean model Volza luxury brand in Milan
Shooting for Splendor magazine Vagueness project, mixed relative uncertainty, Vogue style fashion
Vintage high fashion by Kipenkocom for Splendor magazine editorial mixed relative uncertainty, Vogue style fashion
Laras brand Venice located shooting campaign by Alex Kipenko, gold on water colored
Bokeh girl at Paris NEXT models agency for model test by Alex Kipenko
Chiara Scelsi first modeltest by Alex Kipenko
Kipenkocom modeltest at Paris steetstyle black and white, definition in success future
MPManagement street model test by Kipenkocom
Model Agency Mademoiselle street model black and white test by Kipenko Alex
blonde model modeltest at milan studio photo7it
skinny sexy spin model back in lace panties black and white beauty art photo
Calvin Klein CK sport model test in black and white style for Paris model agency by Alex Kipenko
Handsome man in shorts posing for photographer black and white studio in Alex direction
Filippo Boffa floral fashion promo campaign shooted beauty look at Photo7it veranda studio
Celine campaign by Alex Kipenko fashion photographer success
Kipenkocom shoot black and used white image lightroom preset for beauty photography at Milano and actual Wonderwall campaign
shooting at street of Paris black and white for Premium models agency by Kipenkocom
Alex Kipenko shoots seasonal campaign for Aslarasbrand brazilian summer edition
Black and white blonde model test on gray background by Kipenko
Eastern appearance model in black leather jacket enchant your eyes model test by Kipenko
curly mulatto turned in a knitted sexy dress posed for Alex Kipenko
Fashion Designer Erika Durando, student of at Istituto Marangoni, at Lombardy, Creates nice knit bathing suit photo
France modeltest black and white photography of Next Model Management located Paris, by Kipenko
Daniele Carettoni by Alex Kipenko
Daniele Carettoni by Alex Kipenko
Black and white editorial materials that have never been published by Kipenko
Milan blonde model editorial that have never been published by Kipenkocom
Leopard furs style image by christian chielmetti at Milano commercial fashion photographed by Kipenko Alex
Celine campaign vintage look French stiletto heels by Kipenko Alex
Pose of fashion model on gray background by Kipenko
Kipenko model test at Paris posed well street style black and white
modeltest for mpmanagement by kipenkocom photographer
Balck and white blonde portrait as model test by Kipenkocom used the effect of wet hair.
Volza luxry ski fursuit produced campaign by Photo7it by Alex Kipenko, dubai and montecarlo fashion
Angels and demons sweet sin brand by Yarose Shulzhenko commercial image by Kipenkocom make yellow footwear concept drama
Black and white model test for Paris Premium Model Management order model tests by fashion photographer Kipenko Alex
Actual IMG Model test fashion photographer Kipenko Alex
Blonde Model in model test by Kipenko Mialn fashion photographer
MPMANAGEMENT Model angency shoot by white fashion beauty incredible!!! Nice!
MpManagement agency test shoot by Kipenko Alex
Malcom at Wonderwall by Alex Kipenko
Kill Bill editorial concept styled by Christina Proud shoot by Alex Kipenko
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